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Bria Nicole Harvey


January 11, 2001 - May 29, 2005


"On May 29, 2005, was the day I felt that I would never live to see. There are times in our life where we as parents believe that we will never outlive our children. However, that thought did become a reality to my family and me. I lost my daughter Bria Nicole Harvey to a pool accident.


My first thoughts were, Why me? I can't live like this. There is no place here for me anymore. Luckily, I had family who constantly prayed repeatedly. Then I had to think about my living son and how he deserved to have a mother to talk, listen and hang out with. There were days that I would not come out of my room, because I was consumed with my tears with the absence of sleep, as I began to shut out the world amongst me. Then there was a voice telling me if Bria were here what would you be doing? She would want me to live my life as if she was here. So, I began to turn my pain into joy and knew I had to get it together for those around me. I went back to school and church and dedicated more time to my son. I believe that by returning to my life full force, I am now a better person. I believe the only reason that was possible was by the Grace of God. I will continue with all my future goals in life and live as if she is still here. I know that I will meet her again in Heaven. That day is one that I cannot wait for."




There is no better teacher than life itself and Bria's House is here to help! Based in Houston, Bria's House was established to assist parents on water safety and`offer swimming scholarship and CPR certification.


Bria's House is in a RACE to reduce the rate of accidental drowning and pool injuries. 



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