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Long After The Splashing Subsides, Children Can Still Fall Victim To Drowning

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Health care professionals warn secondary drowning, or dry drowning, can also be deadly if not caught in time.

“Initially it seems like they might be okay, but it’s the time period after, a reaction happens in the lungs,” said Registered Nurse Cindy Magnole.

That’s exactly how mother Lindsay Kujawa described it in her blog “Delighted Momma”.

Her son Ronin slipped under the bubbly surface of a spa for just a few seconds.

She pulled him out and everything seemed fine, until later that night, when she noticed he wasn’t acting like himself.

“You’re going to notice things,” Magnole said from a pediatric emergency exam room at Jackson Memorial’s Holtz Childrens Hospital. “You’re going to notice maybe they’re not hungry, maybe they’re coughing, maybe their noses are flaring, some abdominal breathing and there’s some pulling in their chest.”

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